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Membership Information & Benefits

Companies/organizations that participate in BiTA gain a competitive advantage over those who do not. BiTA members also:

  • Gain insider knowledge and early access to information

  • Exert influence on technical content

  • Develop new markets for products, services and technologies; as well as strategic positioning within those markets

Membership benefits include:

  • Two membership meetings annually to discuss standards and provide updates to members

  • Access to an exclusive BiTA members-only section of the BiTA website

  • Announcement of membership on the BiTA and FreightWaves websites

  • Each member’s logo is displayed on the BiTA website

  • Members-only podcasts and webinars

  • Weekly BiTA Updates

  • Discounted sponsorship opportunities

  • Discounted tickets to any BiTA (and FreightWaves) event

  • Opportunities for coverage on BiTA website of members’ blockchain-related news

BiTA dues are annual and paid up-front for the entire year. Membership dues depend on how a company is classified and its size. 

Who Should Join?

Fleets, 3PLs and Shippers

Transportation companies are impacted by everything that happens in the industry and have a vested interest in the outcome of blockchain technology. BiTA encourages transportation service providers to join because their participation in standards design is critical to the success of the technology. Shippers’ supply chains are impacted by their ability to get access to data from across the freight landscape. Blockchain promises to provide a chain-of-custody and usher in a world of full transparency. 

Technology Companies, OEMs, Suppliers and Service Vendors

Companies that service the industry have an opportunity to create new business offerings, channels and commercial outcomes. As transactions transition from being strictly analog to digital, companies that adopt blockchain standards created by the Alliance can create new revenue streams. A number of the issues that are brought up for blockchain to help solve involve working with a broad group of relationships. Whether it is technology, insurance, banking, finance, truck production, leasing, etc., chances are your offerings will intersect with BiTA Members.

Startups and Investors

Innovation is the heartbeat of any emerging technology and startups are the soul. BiTA invites startups to participate as full members, where they can enjoy collaboration, partnerships, networking, education and commercial outcomes. Among other services, the BiTA Acceleration Program provides a platform to help startups find investors and capital. 

Consultants, Advisors, Universities and Trade Associations

At the core of what BiTA does is research, education and thought leadership. The Alliance has special programs established for BiTA partners that can further its reach and provide resources beyond the own organization.