Freight Market Commentary by Donald Broughton

Donald Broughton, one of the industry's most respected names on Wall Street, brings market commentary to subscribers. Using both FreightWaves market data and broader market information, Donald Broughton prepares a summary of market events and what to expect for the week. In addition, Broughton Capital issues a state of the trucking industry market forecast on a monthly basis, highlighting major market drivers and insights.  


Weather Insights and Commentary.

FreightWaves features weekly weather commentary, insights, and also provides alerts for major weather events and seasonal commentary to help better prepare for what mother nature has in store.


Freight Economic Forecast and Insights

FreightWaves provides, monthly economic commentary and insights to give FreightWaves clients an idea of what is happening in the broader economy and what to expect over a near and long-term basis.  


Fuel Market Commentary by Breakthrough Fuel

Fuel volatility wreaks havoc on the economics of trucking, especially when there is no transparency. Each week, fuel market insights and commentary is provided by Breakthrough Fuel, the leader in retail fuel transparency and risk-management. With this commentary and the raw data from the fuel indices, market participants will have a better understanding of what exactly is affecting their contract prices and what is moving the spot rates. Breakthrough also provides long-term views of what to anticipate in the fuel-market.