Costs and Subscriber Questions


What is the cost to use the Sonar Dashboard?

$300 per user, per month. 


Are there discounts for large teams?

Yes. For companies with ten users or more, we offer discounts off the published prices. Contact for more information. 


Who in my company should subscribe to Dashboard?

The product is intended for individuals that will be making tactical and strategic decisions related to pricing, purchasing, forecasting, budgeting, or operational and capacity planning. It is also ideal for c-suite executives, as it offers the most complete look at what is happening in the freight market at any moment. 


Is Sonar for carriers, shippers, or brokers?

There are features and data-sets for everyone connected to the transport industry, ranging from fleets that want to understand pricing and demand; to shippers doing budgeting prior to bids; to brokers that are trying to plan short term and long term pricing on loads; to OEMs and industry vendors that are trying to get a perspective on the direction of the freight market. 


Data Partnerships


How do you develop partnerships?

FreightWaves seeks out companies that have transactional data-sets across the industry and offers to help those companies monetize their data in anonymized methods for financial markets.  Typically, these relationships are exclusive, meaning the only place to get such data is through the Sonar platform.


How reliable is the data?

FreightWaves looks to partner with best-in-class companies that have large data-sets. The data goes through a quality control process and ensures that the methods are understood, documented, and help solve the puzzle that the data is intended for. 


Do the providers make money for providing data?

Yes. Typically we offer commercial outcomes for our data partners. We want the best data-sets in the market and therefore are willing to compensate the companies that have those data sets. 


How many different data partnerships are there?

We have around twenty different companies that are currently a part of the Sonar platform. 


Collection Methodologies


How is the data collected?

Every provider is different and it depends on the source and purpose. Oftentimes, the data is collected through transactional sources--i.e. a payment transaction, IOT transaction, movement, ping, or tender--and then the data is collected by the transactional provider, indexed, and transmitted to the Sonar Dashboard for conversion of the data into a ticker. 


How often is data collected?

Data collection processes vary and it changes based on a number of factors. In the data glossary that is provided to clients, the frequency of transmission is disclosed. 


How does FreightWaves ensure that the data is reliable?

We work closely with our data sources to ensure compliance with the best standards in data quality and collections, using principals similar to PRA principals, which are standard in financial markets. 

Security of the System and Data


How secure is the data?

The data comes from the top providers in the trucking industry that have methods for ensuring that their data is kept secure and safe. We work with those companies to ensure that they continue to build infrastructure to support data collection/hosting safety. 


How do I know that the dashboard is safe?

The Sonar Dashboard is hosted in the cloud by our partner AWS. Through a secure data interchange, the index data is uploaded directly into AWS's system, ensuring that the data is not intercepted.